First and foremost we are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously.

We are seeing a lot of communities come together and help for those unable to do so for themselves.  We love to thank each of you for pitching in. However, if you are one who is in the high risk category, you are in need of something and don’t have the support, we are here.  PLEASE REACH OUT!!!

We are hyper focused on finding ways to continue to deliver our services while keeping our clients safe.  We are still able to show properties, with some restrictions. However if you prefer to maintain complete social distancing and would like to preview properties virtually, we can facilitate those requests with video tours.  

All of The Stern Team listings will have latex gloves and booties available to ensure your safety, and the safety of our sellers. Also, our buyer’s agents will be traveling with latex gloves, and at your preference, will be provided for an extra layer of safety.  It’s our new White Glove VIP treatment.   

We are also happy to schedule virtual consultations to help you understand our systems and how we can help you with your moving goals.  And, if you prefer, we’re still happy to meet face-to-face, with some restrictions. 

The Stern team has been a digital real estate team for many years.  Offers will be presented virtually and can be signed electronically with your agent walking you through every step of the process.  You don’t have to leave the safety of your home to submit or receive an offer.

Also, think about the small businesses right now.  They’re going to be in desperate need of your support.  One of the things we’re doing as a team and within my family are purchasing gift certificates to these local small businesses that are currently shuttered.  They can use the cash right now, and we’ll get the opportunity to frequent them when things mellow out a bit. We need our local small businesses to survive this downturn and those of us who can help, please help out by purchasing their gift certificates.