Why should you join The Stern Team? We asked our own team members why they joined us and why they’re still with us so you could get an idea of what we’re all about and what you can expect if you came onboard.  

Mike Wolters, our operations director and listing specialist, had known Josh and other members of our team for many years, and the prospect of entering an environment like ours that had the systems and back-end support to deliver top-notch customer experience was very attractive and—to this day—fulfilling.

Having been in the corporate environment for 20 years, he had reached his ceiling for his development in that industry. When he joined us, he knew there would never again be another ceiling.

His first year on The Stern Team, Mike fell forward a lot, which was encouraging. “If I had to sum it up, service is king,” he says. “When you treat your clients and focus on them, everything else will take care of itself.” On the team side, as we grow, having the opportunity to hire, train, and develop new agents is vital to both our success and theirs.

For Lee Stern, one of our elite listing specialists, the fact that she’s taken five listings in the last four days sums it up. Most of the people she works with are raving fans of The Stern Team, which means she has less competition.

“When you join our team, we want you to succeed.”

Her clients love the fact that the first question she asks them is how she can make them a raving fan. “We have a promise that we use on The Stern Team—to make the experience better than the clients ever could’ve imagined.”

Buyer Specialist Justin Acheson came to us wanting to provide a better customer experience for his clients. He was still new to the industry, so he didn’t quite have the knowledge to provide a great service. He wanted to emulate the professionalism portrayed on our team, and the quickest way for him to do so was to learn from us.

“You won’t find better management,” he says. “You won’t find a more caring group of people. When you join the team, they genuinely want you to succeed.”

Maritta Dalrymple, another buyer specialist, joined us because she wanted to advance her career and be involved with the people side of the business instead of the corporate side. In her words, “I know that excellence breeds excellence, and I wanted to work with someone who cared about people, and cared about the process, cared about the clients, and was really committed to an excellent solution.”

The mentorship of being able to work with Josh was important so he could teach her the business but also never lose her love, care, and concern for her customers.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with The Stern Team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to sit down and talk with you.