One of the ways I’m getting through this crazy time is first, keeping a schedule and second making sure that schedule includes an exercise routine.  I’ve been working out with my trainer Steve Pizza the owner of SLC Strength and Conditioning for a number of years. I asked him what he could do to put together some great at-home workouts you wouldn’t need equipment for.  You guys, he crushed it! Here’s what he’s come up with. 

  • All workouts are designed with an overarching program in mind. Meaning, workouts are specifically programmed with intent and are progressive throughout the month (i.e. each workout builds off of the other. 
  • The program, itself, is formatted similarly to what you’d see at the collegiate and professional athletic level (modified for body weight or limited equipment). 
  • All workouts have full-body emphasis to correct any muscular imbalances and prevent any from occurring.
  • Each workout incorporates 12+ different exercises, providing variety and balance, mitigating short term and long term risk for injury.
  • Scientifically backed with the incorporation of several different training systems including Tier, Triphasic, Undulating, and Auto-regulation.

Check out the site here. There’s a good intro video to let you know some of the science and how the 60-day program works.

I’ve gone through it personally and it is EXCELLENT.  All video details of demonstrations of each exercise as well as modifications of each exercise.  

Steve has given our clients a 20% discount to extend to you all to get you going for super cheap. 

  • Regular Cost: $60/Month (includes access to remote program, instructional videos, and guided circuit, and access to coach communications for any questions or specific modifications needed
  • Registration
    • After you’ve registered:
      • Check email for password information (may have gone to junk mail)
    • After you’ve received password: 
      • Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. 
      • Click on Week 1 and enter password
      • Enjoy!
  • 20% Discount Code: SLCTAKE20!

I’m confident if you keep a good routine while you’re at home, and include a science-based exercise program, you’ll get through these trying times with less anxiety and be able to be even better as a spouse or parent.