• Today, I’ll go over the top six reasons why you should sell your home during the holidays.

  • It’s that time of year, folks — winter is coming. It’s going to get cold. Now is the time to harvest what is left of your garden, winterize your sprinklers, and cozy up at home with your friends and family.

The Tale of 2 Markets

  • A couple of weeks ago, I did a market update for our local radio station KNRS. As I was preparing the data for the show, I realized that we had a tale of two markets on our hands.

  • We recently sold a property for more than list price in less than two weeks. Prior to working with us, these clients had their home on the market for over six months before the listing expired.

  • Today I have a few tips for buying a home that needs work. There are different types of fixer-uppers out there and some need more work than others. The way you pursue a purchase offer on the home most likely depends on which fixer-upper category it is in.

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