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  • Why join The Stern Team? We decided to ask our team members the same question. How they responded sums up what you can expect if you came on board with us. Their words describe our commitment to customer service and furthering the careers of our own employees. To hear what they had to say, watch our latest video.

  • The Salt Lake City real estate market is incredibly competitive for homebuyers right now. Just last week, one of our listings received 33 offers! How can you make your offer stand out? Today, Mandi Henriod from Veritas Funding is here to discuss a new loan program that will give you a competitive edge. Basically, this program allows people to qualify for a conventional loan and includes similar advantages of an FHA loan. To learn more about this new tool, watch this short video.

  • Inventory is extremely tight right now. There aren’t a lot of properties out there to choose from, which means buyers are being forced to compete for homes. But when it isn’t uncommon in our market for a listing to see 30 or more offers, how can you stand out? Sometimes, it might seem like the easiest thing to do is to walk away. However, don’t give up hope yet. I have some key tips that can help. To learn more, watch my latest video.

  • Do you feel like your property tax assessment is too high? If so, we can help you. As you know, the county calculates your property tax value, and these values aren’t always on the mark. There is an appeal process that we can assist you with so you can get a second opinion on your assessment. To find out how this process works and what you need to do to appeal your assessment, watch our latest video.

  • Recently, The Stern Team was fortunate enough to be endorsed by Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts!

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